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21 September 2015 @ 10:19 pm

Friends Only Banner by locker_monster

Just comment to be added.

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17 August 2015 @ 04:39 pm
Here I am, back again, mostly to just check in.  Hope everyone is doing well.

I currently have second job at a Mexican restaurant as a server and am making some good money.  Now I have to start paying off all the money I owe :P

Am still planning on writing.  Might post something in the near future.
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22 January 2015 @ 03:11 pm

My mind will not stop wandering.  So far, I have SIX stories that I am planning and they all want to be written at the same time :P

Ideas so far:

Doctor Who: Doctor/OFC (Canon wife), Doctor/OFC (stranger), Doctor/OFC (Vortex being)


MCU:  Clint/OFC

NCIS LA:  Callen/OFC

Obviously, I'm leaning towards Doctor Who at the moment; however, the others sound goods too.

I can't decide.

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10 January 2015 @ 04:13 pm

Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry for not being on for a while but I have been having issues with my depression. Really hit rock bottom for a while and didn't know how to handle it. Then I had the flu right on top of that :-P

So it has not been pretty. I really need to get into writing again. That helps calm me.  I'll be looking through my writing committees and maybe I might find something.

I'm also going to try and be on here me. So, see you all around!

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16 August 2014 @ 02:24 pm
Wow!  I haven't been on here in forever.  I just finished college and am looking for a good job.  Currently at Cracker Barrel as a Retail salesperson, which is fun - I get to talk to a lot of people and move around more.  I hate standing in one spot :P  I hope to be on more now that I have a bit more time.  Wish me luck on the job hunt!
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15 February 2014 @ 08:36 pm
Swiped this off of ithildyn.

Suggetion box: in the comments (duh), suggest a post topic, and if I love it to pieces - or am plagued by boredom - I'll create an LJ post from it..
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28 November 2013 @ 10:52 am

Hope everyone on my list enjoys the holiday and have a nice Christmas season. I'm not much of a holiday person but at least I got this up. Happy Thanksgiving!
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07 November 2013 @ 07:14 pm
Getting ready to go see Thor 2!

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24 September 2013 @ 08:22 pm
I am in love so far!!!! This show is awesome so far. And Coulson! HE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!! And I love how they tie in Extremis, the super-soldier serum, and whatever Bruce did to himself. And the concept that they are starting looks very intruiging. I got some more story ideas!

Can't wait to watch the rest of the season!
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14 September 2013 @ 09:52 am
My dad died this morning. I don't know what to think.

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