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In the Forest of the Night

Where no one will be able to hear my screams

17 September
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Welcome to In the Forest of the Night! Glad that you decided to come by and check it out. I have been on this site for over six years now, though I only update periodically right now. If you are looking for my fic, head over to writing_square.

My fics range from The Mummy to Doctor Who, and I am obsessed with crossovers. I am currently focused in the Doctor Who fandom at the moment, though I haven't really post much of anything yet. My current fandoms are Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, Tolkienverse, Marvel Cinematic Universe, NCIS franchise, and am slowly getting into Babylon 5.

I have been writing fanfic for years and originally posted them onto this journal. Then I decided to branch out and make a writing community for my stories. It is not open to public posting, so do not try to post anything.

Where you can find me: Besides writing_square, you can find me at Tumblr, WordPress, Archive of Our Own, Fanfiction.net, and Teaspoon and An Open Mind.

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