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30 August 2012 @ 09:12 pm
What's up, everyone?  
Another update post.  Hope everyone is doing well!

Anyway, college is going well.  Almost had a mental breakdown over it but my mom whipped me back into shape.  She's pretty use to my depression and tries to help the best she can - which I love her for.  But now I'm pretty okay - still have my moments.

Elsewhere, I hate my job.  Oh, it's okay at times.  But other times...let's say I'm not the happiest person in the world.  I get yelled at - a lot.  And only by my general manager.  My other managers are pretty easy going with me and seem to understand me better.  But I am currently looking elsewhere - hopefully outside the restaurant business. 

Also, MY MOM BOUGHT ME AN INDOOR GRILL.  An early birthday present for me.  It's a George Foreman grill and I love it.  Think of the possibilities.

Also, thanks to ithildin, I now know that the Avengers is coming back over the weekend.  It's a one week thing; but I'm so happy.  The best part is is that I live 15-20 minutes from a theater that is going to show it!  Another early birthday present!

And with the movie coming to DVD eight days after my birthday, this is going to be a good month.

OH!  By the way, I am planning on participating in Nanowrimo this year.  So if anyone wants to be my writing buddy (a few of you are), just look up "jedimasterstar" on the site!  Hope to see a lot of you there!

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