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05 September 2012 @ 08:47 pm
Hello all!  

How's everyone doing?  Hope everyone is doing well.

As for me, I just found out that when I talk to myself at work, my co-workers think I'm strange.  Not in a bad strange.  But in a weird strange.  I can live with weird.  Weird is good.  And they think that I am hilarious when I do it.  Okay, I talk to myself...a lot.  A habit from growing up an only child.  Only person I really ever had to talk to was myself.  Though this now comes in handy when I'm writing, so I consider it a gift.

And I am starting to love wine.  I started drinking a little bit before bed to help me relax and sleep.  And trust me, it's better than sleeping pills.  And I go for the cheap wine.  But it is good! 

Storywise, I need a volunteer to help me with a fic that I am doing for someone.  It's a fic fest in the Avengers fandom and I need someone to throw ideas at.  I do have a prompt (thank goodness), but I could use some support.  If interested, just comment!

And so far I have a 3.5 GPA so far at UoP.  This makes me very happy!  The classes are pretty tough at the moment, but all in the name of getting a degree.

Talk to ya all soon!

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