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10 July 2013 @ 07:11 pm
Doctor Who Challenge - #3  
I am not much of a romantic person; so if I read something that has romance in it, I want it to be real. That goes with what I see on TV. I personally do not like romance being the main plot point. It's okay as a subplot; but not the main one. Now there are some relationships I do not support - mainly Doctor/Rose. I'm sorry to all the shippers out there, but I do not see that as a healthy relationship. Honestly, I liked Rose in Series 1 - she was great! But when Nine regenerated into Ten, something happened I did not like. She became more obsessed and possessive (School Reunion, anyone?). I will admit that she had a few good episodes (The Girl in the Fireplace, The Satan Pit); but she seemed to have become more dependent on the Doctor towards the end of her run. Even in Doomsday, it was sad to see that she refused to listen to her mother who just wanted her to stay. At least listen to your mother, girl! And when she came back in Series 4, it seemed as if she reversed back a few years. I mean, I still haven't quite figured out when she started using the Dimension Cannon, but why did she build it in the first place?! And then she seemed to not come up with any ideas of her own except "find the Doctor". At least the others had plans, albiet not very good ones. So, you can probably tell I am not a Rose fan.
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