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23 March 2010 @ 07:47 pm
A New Life  
Okay, I decided to do a series with my original character, Mara Everson.

So, in order to keep everything in order, I am keeping an archive of the stories that are going to occur in this universe, which I named A New Life.

This is going to take place in the parallel universe known as "Pete's World" (watch Doctor Who if you don't know what I am talking about). Fortunately, I've only wrote two stories so far, so I can begin to allude to this in my future stories.

The Stories


One Autumn Night: The story that started it all. Methos meets a young woman who is going to personal crisis.

A Snowy Visit: Mara visits her "Uncle" Mac in New York.

Home BBQ: Father and daughter spend the day at home.


Little Tin Men:  Mara is in London for Jackie Tyler's birthday when tin men begin to appear and she meets three very unusual individuals.  Three part story.


A Dark Path:  Patrick McKenna thinks about the Church while having a chat with Mara.


Sharing the Burden: Don Flack and Aaron Hotchner reconnect after a tragedy.


A New Beginning:  The Human Doctor has been left on the beach with Rose, Jackie, and Mara. What could possibly happen?
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