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03 April 2010 @ 09:10 pm
Little Tin Men (1/3) - Doctor Who  
Title:  Little Tin Men
Author:  jedimasterstar
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: PG
Prompt: Calm for occhallenge
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Mara Everson (OFC), Rose Tyler
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who. It’s just some mad woman’s creative thinking of wanting to rewrite something.

Summary: Mara Everson was sent to Britain to write a story about Jackie Tyler’s birthday party for her international journalism class. But why does it feel like something is going to happen? And who are these two strangers?

When you're done, check out Part 2

Chapter 1

“Oh, Mara, you’re so lucky! Going to Britain to write a story on Jackie Tyler!” muttered Mara Everson as she wandered the streets of London. Like she had a choice the matter. Her stupid professor was the one who gave out the assignments, thinking that it would give his students real world experience on the field. Some of the assignments were stupid, but Mara apparently pulled the lucky straw by getting the Jackie Tyler story. Not that she wanted it anyway – she thought that the woman had become too selfish and conceited, most likely from all the money she gets from her husband’s company. But it was job to do – though she is not getting stop now. Though she hated the celebrity work.

Pete Tyler remained mostly in the background. She met him once or twice (due to her father), but all she ever knew of him was the occasionally news report and the company ads. The man wanted to keep his life private, which he was doing excellently. Has to take nerves of steel to live with her, she thought as she rounded the corner. Stopping for a moment, she looked up at the blue sky and watched as the zeppelins flew above. I wonder what it is like to just fly? she thought. But deep down, she felt uneasy, like something was going to happen. Suddenly, a familiar alarm went off and everyone around her freezes.

Well, almost everyone. Standing a few feet away was a man standing beside a young woman. The man was at least a head taller than the girl, with unstyled brown hair and was wearing a dark brown pinstripe suit, cream-colored trainers, and a light brown overcoat. The girl was pretty, with shoulder-length blonde hair and was wearing jeans, a red jacket, and what probably was a yellow shirt under it. They seemed like an odd couple; but was even odder was the expressions on their faces. They looked confused. “What're they all doing?” asked the girl.

“They've stopped…” the man trailed off as he looked at one of the earpieces. Mara then noticed that neither one of them had the earpieces. But that still did not explain why they were confused. “It's the earpieces…like Bluetooth attachments, but everyone's connected together,” he added.

Both Mara’s and the girl’s phones beeped. The girl took hers out of her pocket and looked at it. “It’s on my phone.  It's automatic, look.  It's downloading.  Is this what they're all getting?” she asked.

As the man peered over her shoulder, Mara walked up to them. “You better believe it,” she said. The two looked up at her as she rattled off, “Just look at your phone.”

“News…international news…sport…weather,” the girl read.

“They get it direct.  Downloaded right into their heads,” said the man.

The girl continued with, “TV schedules, lottery numbers.”

“Everyone shares the same information,” he added as he took the phone.

He would have said something else if Mara had not beaten him to the punch. “All straight from John Lumic’s Cybus Industries,” she said as they watched everyone chuckled and went on their way. Mara had to keep from chuckling as the two looked around and watched as everyone went on as if nothing had happened.

“You lot, you're obsessed.  You'd do anything for the latest upgrade,” complained the man.

“Oi, not my lot. Different world, remember,” stated the girl. Different world? thought Mara. What in the world are they talking about?”

The man looked at his companion. “It's not SO far off your world. This place is only parallel,” he said as he pressed a few buttons. “Oh, look at that. Cybus Industries owns just about every company in Britain, including Vitex.  Mr. Pete Tyler's very well connected,” he added. The girl did not reply, but just hung off his arm and gave him an innocent smile and puppy-dog-eyes. Oh, give me a break, thought Mara as the man sighed. “Oh, okay.  I give up. Let's go and see him,” he said as he tossed her phone back to her.

This was when Mara interrupted with, “Excuse me? Parallel world?” The two stopped in their tracks and looked back at her, obviously realizing that she was standing there and heard everything they said. “Now, I’m not inclined to believe that. But there are two things I do know. Number one – you’re not going to get into the Tyler mansion like that. And two – even if you tried, you still have to have an invitation. Which I think neither of you have,” she continued as she pulled out her invitation. 

The man looked at her and asked, “And what’s in it for you?”

“For me, nothing. For you, it’s obvious you have no idea what is going on, considering what I just witness. But if you want to give me something…maybe you can explain what you meant about ‘parallel world’,” she responded as she looked at him. 

His brown eyes seemed to bore into her as if he was trying to read her. “And why would I want to do that?” he inquired.

“I’m much easier to deal with than Torchwood, for starters. And I’m a journalism student, so I’m naturally curious.”

He smiled. “I knew a journalist once. Brightest woman I ever knew,” he said in a dreamlike voice. Mara just stared at him as he snapped out of it. “Right! I’m the Doctor and this is Rose Tyler,” he greeted as he introduced the girl. Rose just nodded.

“Mara Everson. Now, what do you say?” she asked.

“What does your invitation say?”

“Unfortunately, I can get only one of you in. As my ‘plus one’. I might have given it to you if I wasn’t already known to the Tylers,” she responded.

The man just stood there for a moment and turned to Rose. He handed her a billfold and said, “Take this and use it to get inside. Think of something you want to be. I’ll go with Mara as her date. Easiest way to get in, at least.” 

The look on Rose’s face was one of jealousy as she gave Mara a glare worthy of Jackie Tyler herself. Actually, she does look a lot like her, she thought as she gave her a calm look. Rose turned around and walked away, waving down a cab in the process. When she left, the Doctor looked at Mara and asked, “I assume you want to go back to your house and change?”

“My hotel room, actually. And yes, I should do that. I don’t want to be on the other side of Jackie’s mouth if I showed up like this,” she responded as she looked at her current ensemble. She looked back up at him and smiled.  “Don’t worry. I hate dressing up for these things. I won’t take long,” she assured him as she lead him back to her hotel. “And we better find you a tux,” she added.

“Let’s stop someplace first. I have a tux I can wear,” he replied.

He led her toward the Thames and to a small blue police box that looked like it came out of the 1950s. “This is where your tux is?” she asked, puzzled. 

The Doctor unlocked the door and turned back at Mara, a wide grin spreading across his face. “Wanna see?” he asked. Without waiting for a response, he opened the door and went in. Just looking at the box, she decided to just go with it and went in. What she saw amazed her. The box is bigger on the inside! she thought as she looked around. It had an organic look to it, with columns supporting the dome-shaped chamber. In the middle of the room was a console, which looked to be more thrown together than anything else. A column of what appeared to be green gas and light jutted out of the middle of the console toward the ceiling. “She’s still recharging, but seems to be okay,” he said as he checked some things on the console. Turning back toward Mara, he asked, “Well?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” she retorted back. “It reminds me of a tesseract.”

“What?!” he asked in disbelief.

“You know, the exterior and interior exist in separate dimensions. That kind of stuff,” she explained as she looked around. “You are an alien then.”


“From a parallel universe.” 


Mara smiled at him and said, “Weirder things could happen, I guess.” 

The Doctor returned her smile and said, “You can probably find something to wear in the wardrobe. Save us a trip to your hotel.” 

“Whatcha have?” she asked. His smile grew wider as he led her to the wardrobe room. But she could not escape the feeling that this was just the calm before the storm…

And now, Part 2
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Malice Haughton/SilverWolf7malicehaughton on April 4th, 2010 08:31 am (UTC)
Much better place to start with Mara. I get her character a lot better now :P And see a tiny bit of what hppens form your other fic set in Pete's World after the other Doctor got dumped there.
jedimasterstarjedimasterstar on April 4th, 2010 07:58 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I'll probably post part 2 later this week. Gotta work on two other fics.