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07 April 2010 @ 01:51 am
Little Tin Men (2/3) - Doctor Who  

Title: Little Tin Men
Author: jedimasterstar 
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: PG
Prompt: Writer’s Choice (table 2) - Jealousy for occhallenge
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Mara Everson (OFC), Rose Tyler
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who. It’s just some mad woman’s creative thinking of wanting to rewrite something.

Summary: Mara Everson was sent to Britain to write a story about Jackie Tyler’s birthday party for her international journalism class. Now she has met two people from another universe. But is a little jealousy going to get in the way?


An hour later, the Doctor and Mara arrived at the Tyler mansion – the Time Lord in a black tux; the human in a strapless light blue evening gown that highlighted her lightly tanned skin. Mara showed her invitation at the door and said that “Dr. John Smith” was her guest. “Wonder how Rose got in,” muttered the Doctor as they began to mingle among the other attendees.

His answer came immediately. “I could've been anyone,” said Rose as she came up to them, a cocktail tray in her hand as Mara noticed that she was dressed as a waitress.

“It got you in, didn’t it?” retorted the Doctor.

“Your stupid psychic paper. I could've been a guest.  A celebrity.  Dame Rose.  I end up serving.  I had enough of this back home,” she whined. She then smiled politely as people take cocktail sticks from her tray. “And here you are traipsing in with another woman,” she added, looking at Mara with jealousy in her eyes.

“I’ve always learned that if you want to know what's going on, work the kitchens,” said Mara as she took a stick from the tray, ignoring the jibe that was obviously meant for her. Seeing a familiar face, she added, “Oh look, it President Fitzwalter.” She nodded over to the direction of an African-American man.

“Who?” asked Rose.

“The president of Great Britain.”

“What, there's a president, not a prime minister?”


Rose would have said something else, a familiar voice addressed the crowd. “Excuse me!  Thank you very much.  Thank you. If I could just have your attention, please?” called Pete Tyler.

“Pete!  Go on, Pete!” called a man from the crowd.

“Thank you very much!”

“It's about time you did some work.  I thought you liked them young!”

“Please don’t start,” muttered Mara. The Doctor gave a questioning look. “Don’t ask,” was all she said. She noticed that Rose was a few feet away now, watching from the bottom of the large staircase.

“Um, I'd just like to say, er, thank you to you all, for coming on this er, this very special occasion,” he said after a pause. “My wife's…thirty-ninth.” The crowd chuckled as Mara snorted. They laughed again when Pete added, thumbs up, “Trust me on this. So, without any further ado - here she is.  The birthday girl…my lovely wife…Jackie Tyler.” 

Mara watched as Jackie walked down the staircase, smiling at everyone as they clapped, cheered, and took photographs. “Now, I'm not giving a speech – that's what my parties are famous for, no work, no politics, just a few good mates and plenty of black-market whisky,” she said as the crowd laugh. “Pardon me, Mr. President!” said a laughing Jackie as the man smiled. “So, yeah!  Get on with it – enjoy, enjoy.”

Mara cheered as Pete took Jackie’s hand and led her down the rest of the stairs. “Such a happy couple,” she muttered sarcastically. Seeing another questioningly look from her date, she shook her head.

Walking toward Rose, the Doctor said quietly, “You can't stay.  Even if there was some way of telling them.”

“Course I can't.  I've still got my mum at home, my real mum.  I couldn't just leave her, could I?  It's just…they've got each other.  Mum's got no one,” said the blonde as she watched the couple mingle.

“She's got you!  Those two haven't! All these different worlds, not one of them gets it right,” he retorted with a sigh.

Not understanding what they are talking about, Mara added, “They’re not really together anymore. They’ve been separated for a while now. They just won’t divorce each other. Public image.” Mara watched as tears filled the blonde’s eyes. “But one thing I should tell you, though…” She was interrupted by a series of barking and yelping.

“Rose! There's my little girl!” said Jackie as a Yorkshire pattered over to her. “Come to mummy, come to mummy!  Yes, good girl!  Good girl, aren't you?”

Mara tried not to laugh as Rose’s face turned to disbelief and disgust. “Jackie has a dog named Rose,” she finished as the Doctor burst out laughing. Rose, in return, gave him a look that said that she was going to kill him.

“Sorry,” was all he could get out.

The blonde would have said something if Jackie had not decided to join them. “Mara, dear. It’s so nice that you were able to come. I thought that Robert would have kept you at Cambridge,” she said as she gave Mara a hug.

“You know dad. Anyway, I’m here mostly to cover your birthday for my international journalism class. Topic was ‘celebrity events’,” she said as returned the hug. Turning toward the Doctor, she added, “This is my date, Dr. John Smith.”

“Oh, you’re finally dating! I can’t believe it took you this long,” said Jackie as she gave the man a once over. Mara noticed as said man tried to hide a grimace.

“Don’t go there, Jackie. I’m only nineteen, so I have years to date whoever I want. Besides, you know my opinion of men,” warned the younger woman as she grabbed the Doctor’s hand and led him away from here. Rose followed a moment later, pretending to replenish her tray. “Damn woman won’t leave me alone about that,” complained the brunette as the Doctor grabbed a glass of water for her.

“I’m going to wander the ballroom a bit,” he said as gave her a comforting smile.

As he walked off, Mara turned back toward the table she was standing next to, only to come face-to-face with Rose. “You stay away from him,” she warned.

“What are you talking about?” asked Mara as she took a sip of her water.

“The Doctor. Stay away from him.”

“What’s it to you?”

Rose gave her a hard stare and said, “He’s mine. Don’t you dare try anything.”

Mara snorted. “Yours? Excuse for saying this, but he doesn’t seem like the type of person who would be happy to be claimed by someone. Besides, right now, he’s my date; so I can do whatever I want,” she retorted as she turned away and went to join (or rather rescue) the discussed man from a rather pompous fellow.

While Rose went back to work, the Doctor and Mara detached themselves from the party-goers. “Let’s have a look around,” he said as they walked down an empty corridor.

“What are we looking for?” she asked.

“Anything of interest. Something weird is going on.”

She snorted. “Ya think? Pete’s pretty tight with Lumic. Lumic, himself, is reclusive. Like he’s trying to hide something. My end of semester writing project is an investigative paper on Cybus Industries,” she told him as they found the study.

Looking around to make sure the coast was clear, he grabbed Mara’s hand and led her into the room. He shut the door and went for the desk, which had an open laptop that was conveniently left on. “Let’s see what’s on here,” he said as he took a seat at the desk and put on glasses. Smiling up at his companion, he began to search the computer until a file of interest came up. “What’s this?” he wondered as he double-clicked it.

“Looks like a presentation of some sort,” added Mara as a familiar face appeared on the screen. “That’s John Lumic,” she told him.

The most precious thing on this Earth is the human brain, and yet we allow it to die. But now Cybus Industries has perfected a way of sustaining the brain indefinitely within a cradle of copyrighted chemicals.  And the latest advances in synapse research allow cyber-kinetic impulses to be bonded onto a metal exoskeleton.  This is the ultimate upgrade.  Our greatest step into cyberspace,” said Lumic as he shows diagrams of a process that featured tin men.

“What is he trying to do?” asked Mara.

But the Doctor did not answer. Instead he had a horrified look on his face as he muttered, “Cybus.” He ran out of the room, a confused human right behind him.


And now, Part 3
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