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27 April 2010 @ 01:45 am
Doctor Who - Reminiscing on Times Past - FRT - #1 (joker prompt - did #26 - a library)  

Title:  Reminiscing on Times Past
Author:   jedimasterstar
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters:  Tenth Doctor, mentions of past companions
Genre:  Introspection
Rating: FRT
Prompt: #1 – joker prompt @ story_lottery (I picked #26 – a library)
Summary: The Doctor revisits the Library before the Vashta Nerada attacked, when it was still full of life. He reminisces about lives found, won, and lost.
Spoilers:  Several episodes through New Series 1-4 (this is post-Journey’s End)
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,146
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who. I only those not recognizable.
A/N:   I saw this prompt and I loved it! I thought about this and thought it would work. Mara and Rachel are from different stories I am working on, just so you know. I’ve written quite a few on Mara but only one on Rachel (I’ll probably write more for her later). Just look under A New Life series on the link bar (for Mara) and under the Story Lottery table on my page (for Rachel). Enjoy!

He just stood there for a moment, gazing about at the hoards of people milling about the Library. He came back to a time before the Vashta Nerada hatched, when other sentient life still came to visit, discover, and learn. As his brown eyes gazed about, he noticed an empty balcony and decided to take it.

As he walked onto the balcony, the wind blew at him, ruffling his hair while it did. Sighing, he leaned against the railing and remembered. Soon, the horror will be unleashed and all these people will soon be trapped inside a computer for a hundred years.

And River will die. River Song – the companion whom he really has not met yet. Yet she knew all about him. Oh, the secrets she must have been hiding. He’ll only find them out when they meet again. He smiled. And he sure was going to enjoy it too.

Thinking about River made him think about his most recent companions and allies. Before River was Jenny, his daughter. The daughter that grew from a sample of his DNA.  The one he will never know.

Then came Astrid. A young woman who just wanted to see the universe. She had the spirit and the courage to travel with him. But she gave her life to save him, so he could save everyone else. That was true heroism.

Before her was Martha. Dr. Martha Jones. His doctor. The one he did not treat very fairly. Made her feel inferior, second place in his heart. Yet she was good for him. She brought him out of his depression, made him see that there was still a life to live. Oh, how he wished he could make it up to her!

Donna Noble was the one before her. The red-headed spitfire that became his best friend later on. The poor woman who got duped by her “fiancé”. The woman who started the process that brought him back from the brink of destruction. She refused his offer at first, but later on went on a search to find him and take him up on it. They had the best of times, the very best. But in the end…it just broke his heart.

Mara Everson was his ally from Pete’s World. The young journalist who helped him take on the Cybermen. The one who overshadowed Rose (which was very much to her disliking). She would have made an excellent companion, but he admired her commitment to her father and her education.  He was sure she was helping defend the Earth over there.

Mickey Smith. The idiot turned hero. He was a classic example of how many of his companions grew from fear of what he did to taking it upon themselves to help others. Mickey started out as a scared young man who clung to Rose when he did not understand. Yet he was the one who eventually left her to begin a new life without her. That one definitely had courage! It was nice to know that he was now back in this universe. The Doctor will have to look him up some time.

Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson. Otherwise known as Reinette or Madame de Pompadour. The one he lost his heart to. Oh, how he wished he made it back in time before she died. He wanted to show her everything he possibly could. But Fate had other plans and took her from him. He has yet to recover from that.

Sarah Jane Smith. Now that was a memory. His former companion from his third and fourth incarnations, she was a reminder of his youth (in Time Lord terms). Yet his mistake was letting her fall in love with him. He did realize that at the time and only found out when she told him in his current incarnation. Yet, after his recent meeting with her, he was glad that she was able to move on. And with a son. He’ll have to go see her about that one.

Then there was Lynda Moss. His would-be companion of his last incarnation. If she was not killed by the Daleks. She was sweet and curious. And she was also a willing and helpful ally. Yet again, Fate had other plans.

Of course, he could not forget about Captain Jack Harkness. The handsome omni-sexual 51st century con-man turn hero. He did have to admit that the man was an annoying git when they first met, but after a while he appreciated having a companion that knew at least what he was talking about. Then Rose made him immortal. He felt bad about that, yet he could not do anything about that. At least he had the assurance that Jack was defending the Earth when he was not there.

He was not going to think about Adam Mitchell. The boy was not worth a thought.

Jabe was the first one who knew exactly what had happened to him. Well, almost. She did not know the whole truth. But she was the first comforting one he encountered.

Then lastly, the Tyler women. Jackie, Rachel, and Rose. He did not like Jackie at first. Getting slapped a lot tended to do that to a person, but they eventually warmed up to each other. She got to the point where she was a mother hen to him. He was glad that she found happiness in Pete’s World.

Rose Tyler was not a warm subject for him. Now he can admit that she was controlling and manipulative. He did not see that at first, and did not realize it until their first parting, how obsessed she became of him. Why, he never had a companion quite like her. She was even hateful to her own sister! He felt sorry for his clone that he left with her; but he knew that Jackie and Mara would look after him.

Thus, he ends with Rachel Tyler. Rose’s older, fraternal twin. The one who reminded him of someone he once knew that he just could not think of. Rachel’s calm, observant demeanor clashed with her twin’s. Boy, were those fights epic. Yet she was the one he would go to when something was troubling him, or if he needed to get away from Rose. She was still in this universe, for once happy with how her life had turned out.

As he gazed across the planet’s landscape, he realized out all his companions had affected him. Even those from so long ago. Even though some are long gone, they were still held dear to his hearts. Sighing again, he went back into the Library, still lost in this thoughts. He was almost tempted to look up his companions in historical records, but he knew that he may yet be involved with them. 

So he forgot about it and went back to the TARDIS, unwilling leaving the planet to its fate.

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