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04 May 2010 @ 11:23 pm
Doctor Who Drabbles  
Here are some drabbles I wrote for a challenge in drwholand.  I couldn't post them while the challenge was still up and the voting was happening - but is all done with now.

Hope you all enjoy!  They are not my best, but they seemed to do well.

The Doctor

The Doctor did not know why he was thinking about his companions. Oh, he always did try to remember them, but it always hurt to do so. But, inevitably, his companions always seem to have an impact on him. From his granddaughter to that fiery red-head, somehow they left something in his heart.

Susan left her youthful enthusiasm; Ian, Steven, Jamie, and Jack left their heroism; Barbara, Tegan, and Donna left their brash words but close friendships; and Martha and Rose reopened his hearts to the wonders of the universe.

Each one left there make, and there were so many. And can he describe them all?


Donna Noble

Donna Noble just sat there. Sat there and wondered how she got herself into this. Oh, she remembered how; it was just she could not believe she was here, traveling time and space in a little blue box. Well, not so little. Best not upset the ship.

But still, she should really thank Lance for dosing her coffee. If he had not, she would not have met the Doctor or learn that the universe was bigger than she could possibly imagine. Though she should slap him for trying to feed her to that giant spider.

“Donna!” came the call as she smiled and ran to the console room.


Jack Harkness

As he watched the pouring rain, Jack wondered if life would ever end. He was about to spend centuries alone without Ianto. The love of his life was taken in such a brief moment. He did not want to move on.

“Jack, you have to let go,” said the Doctor, his face now more youthful than before.

“I can’t,” he whispered as he continued to watch the rain.

The Time Lord sighed. “Would Ianto want to wallow in guilt or would he want you to live?” was all he asked as he walked away, leaving Jack to ponder that question. What was the answer to that question?


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