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18 September 2009 @ 08:45 pm
Chapter 2 - The Louvre and Revelations  

Title:  The Da Vinci Code
Chapter: The Louvre and Revelations 

Disclaimer: I do not own The Da Vinci Code or the screenplay. They belong to Dan Brown, Akiva Goldsman, Columbia Pictures, Ron Howard, and everyone else that is not me. Did I get everybody?


Chapter 2

The car arrived at the Louvre a while later. “The captain is expecting you,” said Collet, and then he drove off.

“Okay,” said Langdon.

“Bye,” said Samara. She turned to look at the Grand Pyramid. “It really does look lovely,” she said. Langdon couldn’t agree more, yet he was thinking more of her than of the pyramid. He has had a crush on her ever since they met. Looking towards the entrance, he saw a man with a bulky frame, dark hair, and dark eyes coming towards them. “Mr. Langdon?” he asked.

“Yes. Hello,” said Langdon.

“I am Captain Bezu Fache,” he introduced himself. He looked at Samara. “Professor Karrington?”

“Good evening,” replied Samara.

“You both like our pyramid?” asked Fache.

“Magnificent,” said Langdon.

“It’s beautiful,” agreed Samara.

“A scar on the face of Paris,” said Fache. Samara and Langdon looked at each other and she shrugged. “After me, please.” They entered the museum and came to the La Pyramid Inversée. “The pairing of these two pyramids is unique,” said Langdon.

“The two are geometric echoes,” added Samara.

“The smaller structure is a perfect partner to the larger,” concluded Langdon.

“Fascinating,” came the sarcastic response from the DCPJ captain.

“I’m not sure how much help I’m going to be here this evening,” said Langdon. They continued walking until Fache asked, “How well did you know the curator?”

“Not well at all. We only met once. We were on a panel together,” replied Langdon, adding a small smile.

“Something is funny?” asked Fache.

“We didn’t agree on much. Frankly, I was surprised that he contacted me,” said Langdon. Samara listened to the banter as they entered the elevator. I can’t believe I am in the Louvre after closing, she thought with excitement, though she wished it was under better circumstances. They continued walking until Samara noticed the body. “Dear God,” she said in horror.

“No, Madame, I would say quite the opposite, wouldn’t you?” said Fache.

“Jesus, this is the Vitruvian Man. He’s positioned his body to duplicate one of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous sketches. It’s on a one-euro coin,” said Langdon.

“And why would he do that?” asked Fache, watching Langdon.

“He drew this with is own blood,” said Samara.

“From the bullet hole,” responded Fache. He looked at her. “Stomach wounds leave one ample time to die.” She shook her head and looked at the dead curator. “You poor old man,” she whispered. Fache now observed her. He has never met someone like her. She was gorgeous and intelligent and full of compassion.

“Quite so. And the star on his skin?” he asked.

“The pentacle,” answered Langdon.

“What does it mean?” he asked. As Langdon explained, Samara looked at the symbol. Why would the Louvre curator draw a goddess symbol on his body? It doesn’t make any sense. But when Fache shined a penlight to the ground, she gasped.


O, Draconian devil!

Oh, lame saint!” she read aloud.

“Ultraviolet ink. Used for tagging paintings for restoration,” observed Langdon.

“What would you do if you had such limited time to send a message?” asked Fache.

“I suppose I would try to give the identity of my killer,” replied Samara.

Précisément. Précisément. So, Professor – “ yet before Fache could continued, Samara noticed a young woman coming towards them, talking to Fache. As the two talked, Samara whispered, “I don’t like where this conversation is going, Robert. It’s starting to sound like an interrogation.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Langdon said. Then he picked up on one word. “Ow. It is the Fibonacci sequence. From the top of the order, too.” The woman noticed Langdon and, after introducing herself as Sophie Neveu from DCPJ Cryptology, said that there was an urgent message waiting for him from the American embassy. As Langdon used Fache’s phone to make the call, Samara noticed the change on his face as he listened to the message. She grabbed his hand. “What is it, Robert?”

“There’s been an accident. A friend. I need to fly home in the morning,” he replied.

“I see,” said Fache.

Langdon asked if there was a bathroom that he could use to splash water on his face. As he walked off, Samara looked at Fache. “I think that there is something more going on behind this than what you are telling us. If you would excuse me, I think that I might use the restroom, too,” she said, walking off after Langdon. Fache looked at her. Mysterious woman indeed.

When Samara arrived at the bathrooms, she looked around and proceeded into the men’s bathroom. Inside she found Langdon and Sophie. “What is going on?” asked Samara.


“I agree. What’s going on?” asked Langdon.

“Do you have a message from Sauniere?” asked Sophie.

“What are you talking about?” asked Langdon, staring at her.

“Crazy old man,” she said.

“Look, you have Robert here confused with someone else. He was asked to consult…” started Samara but Sophie cut her off.

“No, he is under sous surveillance cachée,” she said.

“Of course I am – I’m what?” asked a suddenly confused Langdon.

Sophie explained, “Bring the suspect to the crime scene and hope he incriminates himself.”

“Suspect? But why would Robert be a suspect?” asked Samara. Sophie explained to them that her superiors were tracking Langdon. Still seeing their confusion, she asked, “What do you both think about the fourth line of text Fache wiped clean before you arrived?”

“What fourth line?” asked Samara. Sophie showed them a picture. Samara read:


O, Draconian devil!

Oh, lame saint!

P.S. Find Robert Langdon.

Samara looked in shock at Langdon, who himself was stunned.