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02 July 2010 @ 11:27 pm
Daughter of the Sun (1/?) - Original Fiction  

Title: The Coming Storm
Author: jedimasterstar
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Original fiction
Pairing: None
Theme: #34 – Nightmare for 500themes
Genre/s: Drama
Warnings: None
Words:  1,122
Summary: Haidee is having nightmares. What does that mean for her? Is her coming trip doomed for failure?
Disclaimer/Claimer: Historical figures and events belong to themselves. Haidee, Jarina, and Medora are my own creations – please do not use without asking.

It was the third time in the past three nights that Haidee had woken from a nightmare. What does this mean? she thought as she threw back the covers and left the bed. Grabbing her robe, she exited her apartments and headed for the gardens. Her family owned a small piece of land outside of Troy, a gift to her father from his distant cousin, King Priam. Fortunately, it was far out behind the city that it was away from the main fighting that has been waged for the last five years. Though the house was magnificent, the gardens were her favorite. The olive trees, the pines, and the oaks that were scattered around in interesting pairings with the bushes and shrubs; and the various assortment of colored flowers speckled the area. The gardener overdid it when it came to this one, she thought as she took a seat on the bench. “What is wrong, little one?” came the musical voice of her mother, Medora.

Looking up into her mother’s cool gray eyes, Haidee felt a bit better about her situation. “I do not think so, Mother,” she replied as she gazed out at the moon.

Her mother laughed. “You are always so restless. Like your father,” she added with a whisper.

“Not your husband, though.”

“No, not my husband,” Medora replied as she gazed out at the moon, the sister of the sun. 

“Who is he?” asked Haidee, brushing a strand of her dark hair out of her face.

Silent for a moment, her mother replied, “You know. You know as sure as your own hand.”

Apollo then,
thought Haidee. It would explain her closeness to the sun as well as her abilities in song and healing. “Then he is telling me something in my dreams,” she said. Seeing her mother wait patiently, she continued, “In my dream, I am standing a beach, probably near Cathica. It was a beautiful, sunny day. But, I then saw a raven approach, as well as a black sail. Suddenly, the sea turns red and the raven falls from the sky, dead. That was when I woke up.”

“Have you had this dream often?”

“For the last three nights.”

Her mother was obviously distressed by the news. “You leave with your Aunt Jarina tomorrow for Cathica. I think it would not be wise to go,” her mother stated.

“You know we cannot,” argued Haidee. “The people there are starving and in need of healers. You cannot deny them that.

“You will be too close to Troy. And to the fighting,” Medora pointed out.

The young woman shook her head. “I am willing to risk it. Besides, we will be well guarded,” she reassured. She wanted to get away from the confines of the city badly. I need to travel, she thought. Besides, Cathica was far enough away from Troy that it being attacked seemed unlikely.

“You voice belies the fact that you are trying to get away. May I assume that Haemon is getting a bit too forceful for you?”

She sighed. Haemon was a young Dardanian soldier who has a crush on her. Even though Haidee had dismissed him several times, he has been getting more and more forceful with his entreaties. Especially know that he had a wounded leg that would never heal. “Part of the reason. Another is is that I really do want to help,” she replied.

Her mother sat in thought before saying, “Then, you must go. I just have to reassure myself that your father will watch over you.” With that, she got up and went back into the house, leaving her daughter alone with her thoughts. A few minutes later, she also retreated into the house.


It was the same from earlier – the raven, the sail, the water. But know, she allowed it to continue.

For the first time, she saw men appear on the beach, in armor that showed that they were Achaean soldiers. They immediately ran into the village, killing the men, the sick, and the wounded. She watched as those women who could run flee with the children by the hidden paths.

But many were not so lucky. The soldiers began to take women with them to their ships. As she continued to watch, she heard a male voice speaking in the air. “You have no need to fear, daughter. I will always protect you. But your fate is among the Greeks. And to them you must go,” said the voice that she instantly knew was her father’s. 

Suddenly, fire suddenly engulfed her. She screamed; but before she woke up, she looked to see brilliant blue eyes that were filled with concern…

Haidee jolted up in her bed, sweat trickling down her face. In fact, sweat covered her whole body. Now she was upset. But for some reason, she was utterly calm.  More likely from her father’s calming reassurance that he would protect her. I trust you, she thought. 

As she laid back down, she felt a calming breeze flutter across her brow. But, it felt more like a hand caressing her fact, coaxing her to sleep. 


Haidee got up early that morning, surprisingly fully rested after her long night. Quickly eating the breakfast that her maid provided, she dressed in her dark green travel robes and hurried for the courtyard. “There you are! I thought that you were not going to make it,” greeted her Aunt Jarina. A tall, proud woman, Jarina was her stepfather’s sister and the master healer of the family. Haidee had been apprenticing under her for four years now, and her aunt thought it was time for her to have practice outside of the city.

“I still do not approve of this,” said her mother as Haidee mounted her horse.

“Medora, dear, we discussed this. Young Haidee here needs to have some first-hand experience. Cathica is close enough for those who cannot make it to Troy to get help. Though why one would go that far off sea village is beyond me,” argued Jarina.

“Now, Aunt Jarina, you know that it is mostly for the sailors that get caught by the Achaean blockade,” Haidee said calmly.

“Still,” murmured her aunt as she turned her horse toward the gates of the house.

Gently touching her daughter’s leg, Medora said, “Be careful. I fear that this trip of yours may not end well.”

Smiling, Haidee replied, “Father is watching over me, Mother. My fate is with him.” She decided not to tell her about her latest episode, feeling the need to not distress her more than she already was. Kissing her cheek, she spurred her horse forward to catch up with the group, knowing that she would never see her mother again.

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