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18 July 2010 @ 11:12 pm
Why Mac Should Never Have a Day Off (2/2) - CSI: NY fic  
Title:  Why Mac Should Never Have a Day Off
Author:  jedimasterstar 
Rating:  FRT (PG-13)
Fandom:  CSI: NY
Pairing:  N/A
Genre/s:  Drama
Warnings:  Only that there will be an Original Character present. Be warned!
Words:  678
Summary:  Mac Taylor has to go to the doctor’s office due to cold. While there, he meets a woman and aids in an evacuation.
Disclaimer/Claimer:  CSI: NY does not belong to me – it belongs to Jerry Bruckheimer and CBS. Stephanie, however, is mine. Please don’t use without permission.

After leaving the office, Mac and Stephanie ran for the elevator but found out that it was not working due to the automatic shutdown. They instead ran for the stairs; but they only went down a couple of floors when they found out what the real problem was. “I told you to make sure that everyone was dead!” yelled an angry voice from above them. 
Looking up, the duo saw four men five floors up with a large container. “Please don’t tell me that what I think it could be,” she whispered.
“More than likely,” replied Mac as he felt the sudden urge to cough. 
Noticing the look on his face, Stephanie realized what he was trying not to do. She promptly began to rub his back, hoping that that would do the trick. It was not – and the detective coughed so loudly that it startled even her.
The men above them jumped and the tallest one began to look around. Spotting them, he pointed and ordered, “Shoot them!” Two of the men opened fire, the bullets ricocheting off the metal handle bars. One barely missed Stephanie’s head by an inch. “That was close,” she muttered as she looked at the bullet hole in the wall. 
Grabbing her hand, Mac led her farther down the flights of stairs. They made it to the third floor before he dragged her through the door. He immediately used a broom from a utility closet to block the door. “What are you doing?” asked Stephanie as she followed him down the hallway. 
“Figuring out a way to stop them from taking that canister,” he replied as he opened doors. So far, he had only found offices. But it gave him an idea… “They think that the building should be empty now.”
“Except for us.”
“Except for us,” he agreed, “which means that we need to find a way to stop them.”
“Especially since they saw us and we saw them. They’ll just come after us,” she observed. Fear was evident in her voice, though Mac admired the way she was trying to hide it. “So, what are we going to do?” she asked.
Looking around, he replied, “Start grabbing chairs.” As the young woman began to grab chairs, he began to look for some kind of strong string. “Just put one in each doorway in the offices farthest from the stairwell,” he ordered.
“What are you planning?” she asked.
“A simple push and pull effect,” he answered. There were thirty administrative offices, so they put chairs in eight of them – four on each side. Mac then tied the string to each arm of the chair, leaving enough at each end for he and Stephanie to pull. They then grabbed extra chairs and put them by them. When they heard the door about to be broken down, they each ran into a room opposite each other and waited. 
As the door broke open, they heard one man order, “Find them! They have to be here!” As they began to run down the hall, for some reason intent on starting on the opposite end of the hall, one of them said, “Boss? Something is wrong here. There are chairs in the doorways.”
As they looked around, slightly confused, Mac nodded his head and the two ran out of their hiding places, string held firmly in their hands. Hearing running, the leader said, “After them!” But they never got that far. Mac and Stephanie were running so fast that the chairs proved slightly faster than their pursuers. Most of the men fell to the ground, others stumbling to stay on their feet. In response, the duo began to roll the extra chairs at them.
In the end, the only one left on his feet was the leader, the canister still firmly in his hands. He reached for the cap and said, “If I can’t kill everyone, you two will have to do.”
Mac immediately pulled out his gun and ordered, “Don’t even think it!”
“Too late,” the man retorted as he twisted the cap off. 
In response, Mac grabbed Stephanie’s hand and yelled, “Run!” They both immediately ran back into the stairwell. Sprinting down to the final few stairs, they ran out the emergency door into the waiting arms of SWAT officers. “Seal the building,” Mac ordered, “they just let loose some kind of toxin into the air.” The men sprang into action, leaving the two alone.
“Do you think they're dead?” she asked.
Leading her toward the paramedics, he replied, “More than likely they are unconscious. They’ll be well enough to stand trial.” 
As they walked over to the ambulances, they heard someone yell, “Mac!” The person in question turned to see a curly haired woman running towards them. “Mac! Are you alright?” asked Stella Bonasera.
“I’m fine, Stella,” answered Mac.
She shook her head. “I can’t get you to go anywhere without getting into trouble,” she teased. Stephanie just laughed.
Realizing that she was still there, Mac said, “Stella, this is Stephanie Ryan, my…impromptu partner in this escapade. Stephanie, this is Detective Stella Bonasera, my partner at the Crime Lab.”
The two women shook hands. “Nice to meet you,” said Stella.
“Likewise,” replied Stephanie. Turning to Mac, she said, “We probably need to go get checked out. At least make sure we didn’t inhale anything.”
Mac nodded as Stella asked, “Inhale what?”
“Robbers were trying to steal some kind of toxin from one of the upstairs labs. We managed to get out before the toxin could really do anything,” he explained. With that, he ushered the younger woman into an ambulance. 

A couple weeks later
After the incident, Mac found out that the robbers were part of an Irish gang that was trying to make a name for itself. And that he and Stephanie managed to stop them from stealing botox, which can be used to create botulism. All the men survived and would be standing trial (since botx is easily treatable), though the leader swore vengeance on Mac and Stephanie. Better not tell her that, he thought. He did not want to worry her.
But that aside, he was in a happy mood. After exchanging numbers with the green-eyed woman, he managed to get up the nerve to call her and ask her on a date. He was proud when she agreed. Friday was date night and he had no idea what to do. “You look deep in thought,” came a feminine voice.
Looking up, he saw that Stella had slipped in unheard. “Just thinking,” he replied with a smile.
“Does it involve brown hair and green eyes?”
He sighed. “I asked Stephanie to go on a date Friday night; but I have no idea what to take her to,” he explained.
All Stella did was smile and say, “You’ll think of something and I’m sure she’ll love it.” With that, she turned and left, leaving Mac to this thoughts. Maybe there is something, he thought as he turned back to his paperwork. 

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FreeSpirit: Smackedbuffyangellvr23 on July 19th, 2010 07:39 pm (UTC)
Nice work...although I'd rather he go out with Stella lol
jedimasterstarjedimasterstar on July 19th, 2010 08:12 pm (UTC)
Oh, I have plans for Stella. Nothing against the pairing (I like it too!), it's not in the plans for this.

I do have someone in mind for Stella. Just stay tuned!

Love the icon, btw.