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19 September 2009 @ 11:59 am
Chapter 1 - Death, Rescue, Port Royal, and Jack  
Title: Running from the Past
Chapter: Death, Rescue, Port Royal, and Jack
Summary: Calise is the daughter of Captain Hector Barbossa. She has been running from him for a long time. But when she arrives in Port Royal with everyone's favorite pirate, what will happen to her?
Disclaimer: the movie belongs to Disney, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Gore Verbinski.


Chapter 1

“Calise! Come on, little one. It’s time to go,” yelled her uncle, Jacob Barbossa. He watched as his twelve year old niece came running across the docks. It was time to leave again. Calise always hated having to move. But she knew that it was the only way to keep eluding her father Hector Barbossa, Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea. When her mother was killed during a raid by the East India Trading Company, her father had become obsessed in getting revenge. Jacob knew that his brother may harm his own child; so he took Calise and fled. Ever since, Barbossa has been hunting them down, always keeping them moving. As Jacob took in the sight of Calise, he knew that she would be the spitting image of her mother. Her mother was Greek; so Calise had rich, dark brown hair and equally dark eyes. Yet she also had some of her father’s personality, but it was balanced out by her mother’s mercy and belief. “Here I am, uncle,” she said, making a sudden stop right in front of him. He smiled and was about to remark when a voice yelled, “Pirates!” They both turned and noticed a black ship with black sails coming into port. “It’s the Pearl,” gasped Calise. They both have heard on how the ship, captained by Barbossa, became cursed. Jacob grabbed her and yelled, “RUN!” Everyone began to run in different directions. Jacob said to Calise, “Go and hide.”

“I don’t want to leave you,” she said, tears filling her eyes.

“There’s no choice now,” he said. “Go!” And with that, the girl turned and ran behind a series of big crates. She peeked around the corner and watched as her uncle was surrounded by a group of man. And walking up to him was her father. “Ah, Jacob. So nice to see you again,” said Barbossa.

“Nice to see you also, Hector,” Jacob said dryly. Barbossa started to look around. “So, where is my daughter?” he asked.

“Safe from you,” replied Jacob. Barbossa glared at him. “You had no right to take her,” he stated. Jacob looked straight into his eyes. “If I didn’t, she would have been dead by now,” he replied. “You became so angry after Helen’s death that you almost caused the death of your own child. So I did what was right.” Calise watched as her father’s eyes became full with anger and in response he stabbed him. “This is the price for betrayal,” he said as Jacob slowly slipped into blessed darkness. Barbossa then ordered the area to be searched. “She couldn’t ‘ave gotten far,” he said. Calise took that as her signal to leave.

She turned and ran behind the crates and continued to run until she was far away from the

docks. As she entered an abandoned building, she slowly sank down and began to cry. “I’m all alone,” she stammered out. You are never alone, whispered a voice. And with that, she fell asleep.

Captain Jack Sparrow looked around at what was left of the docks. Hector left almost nothing, he thought. The Pirate Lord of the Caribbean knew that Barbossa, outside of retrieving the Aztec gold, was also looking for his daughter. Jack met Calise Barbossa and her uncle a couple of times, each time helping them to escape. As he walked around, he noticed body after body until he recognized one. Jacob Barbossa. “Ah, Jacob, where is your niece?” he whispered. He turned and walked for a bit until he heard someone sobbing. He turned and saw the person in question crying over her uncle. Slowly approaching her as to not scare her, he said, “Are you alright, luv?” he asked. The girl spun around and Jack saw the light of recognition in her eyes.

“Captain Sparrow!” Calise squealed as she jumped on the man. She remembered him, with his drunk-appearing walk and interesting choice of clothing. He had helped her before. I am not so alone now, she thought. Jack, not knowing what to do, returned the hug. He then pulled her back and said, “Your father, eh?” She nodded. “Come along,” said Jack, motioning Calise to follow him.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“Anyplace but here, luv,” he answered. And that was the last anyone heard of Calise Barbossa for eight years.

Eight years later

“Jack, why must you always have to do this?” asked twenty year old Calise Barbossa. She was now a vision of beauty, with long dark brown hair, dark eyes, and soft tanned skin. Her Greek heritage was indeed the most dominant. Now she was questioning her guardian’s actions again. “Do what, luv?” he asked while bailing out water from the sinking boat.

“Sink the ship,” she said. Jack gave her his famous smile. “Why, as to not having to pay a docking fee, my dear,” he answered. Calise rolled her eyes. Then she looked and gasped. Jack turned and noticed the skeletons of three pirates hanging from a rock cliff. They appeared to have been tarred so to preserve them. A sign hanged from them saying “Pirates, ye be warned”. Jack took his hat off in honor. As they reached the dock, they both climbed up onto the mast until they were able to just simply walk onto the planks. They both continued to walk until they heard the harbormaster say, “What? Hey, hold up, there, you! It’s a shilling to tie up your boat at the dock.” All three of them looked at the sinking boat. “And I shall need to know your name,” he continued. Calise watched as Jack handed the man three shillings. “What d’ye say to three shillings…and we forget the name?

“Welcome to Port Royal, Mr. Smith,” the man said as he turned away. Jack noticed the man’s money pouch and took it. “Here ya go, luv. But yourself something nice will I get us a ship,” he said to her. Calise shook her head and walked off to find the marketplace. There she found items from all over the Caribbean. She was so mesmerized by what she was seeing that she did not notice the man until she walked right into him. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” she said. She looked up and found herself looking at the most handsome man she had ever seen. He was her height, with shoulder length black hair and a black goatee. But what intrigued her most was his deep, dark eyes. “No, it’s my fault, miss,” he said, helping her to stand.

“Please, call me Calise,” she said.

“Will Turner,” he gave her. He took a glance at her clothing. “Not from around here?”

“No, I’m from Greece,” she replied.

“Really? And what are you doing so far from home?” he asked with a smile. He beckoned her to walk with him also.

“It’s a long story,” she said. They talked for a while until Will said, “I have to get back to my smithy. It was nice to meet you, Calise,” he said, giving her s small bow and turning to walk away. “Me too,” she whispered. She headed back to the docks to see if Jack was still there. That’s when she heard the commotion. As she watched, she saw Jack, in shackles, running from the docks. She sighed, “Whatcha do now, Jack?” she said. She stood there until she noticed two men in British naval uniforms. One of them said, “Open fire!” She watched in amusement as Jack skillfully dodged the bullets while still running. She heard one of them say, “Gillette, Mr. Sparrow has a dawn appointment with the gallows. I would hate for him to miss it.” Now he’s in trouble, Calise thought as she turned to find her mischievous guardian.