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19 September 2009 @ 12:13 pm
Chapter 2 - Ghost of the Past and the Choice  

Title: Running from the Past
Chapter: Ghost of the Past and the Choice
Disclaimer: the movie belongs to Disney, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Gore Verbinski.

Chapter 2

Damn it, Jack. Why must ya always try to be a fool? Calise thought to herself as she wandered the streets of Port Royal. She knew that sooner or later that harbormaster would inform the Navy that Jack had a companion. Either she found Jack before he gets caught or figure out a way to break him out of prison. As she rounded the corner, she heard a voice say, “Well, I trust you will always remember this as the day that Captain Jack Sparrow almost escaped. Take him away.” She watched as the soldiers dragged an unconscious Jack away; then to her horror she saw the harbormaster. Unfortunately, he saw her, too. “Commodore, that’s her. His companion,” he said to a man dressed in the dark blue uniform of the Royal Navy; he also wore the wig and had soft green eyes. He looked at Calise and said, “Seize her.” With that, she turned and fled with the lobster backs close behind. She ran for a while until she came to the beach. Bloody hell. Great place to be spotted, she thought as she looked around. “Down there!” Calise looked up to see the commodore with his men. As she started forward, she noticed another officer coming toward her. “Bloody hell,” she mumbled. “Now, gentlemen, maybe we can come to some agreement,” she said as they surrounded her.

“Now why would I want to make a deal with a pirate?” asked the commodore.

“Who said I was a pirate? So, I hitched a ride with one. Does that make me one also?” she asked innocently. The man just stared at her. “Lieutenant Groves?” he said.


“Take the young lady to the fort. But not in prison. Put her in my office and stay with her until I arrive,” he ordered. Groves nodded, grabbed Calise, and lead her to the fort. They entered the commodore’s office and he sat her down in one of the chairs. Then he stood across the room and just watched her. It was like this for a few minutes until she couldn’t take it anymore. So she began to observe him. He was slightly taller than her, with soft blue eyes. He was not very muscular, but he was handsome in a different way. It just flowed from him. Then she spoke. “This is really annoying me. So, Lieutenant, my name is Calise. What’s your name?”

“Cameron,” he answered. He looked at the prisoner with more interest. She was beautiful, more beautiful than many of the women he has ever met. “So, you are not from the Caribbean or England for that matter,” he stated.

“I was born and spent a few years in Greece,” she said. Groves did not press her further. He could tell that she did not want to talk about it. Before he could go any further, the commodore walked in. “Thank you, Lieutenant. That’ll be all.”

Groves nodded. “Sir. Miss,” he said as he left the room. The commodore turned to Calise. “My name is Commodore James Norrington. Your name, miss?”

“Calise. Just call me Calise,” she answered. Norrington studied his lovely prisoner. She was definitely Greek, but with a flare of something else. Stop thinking that way, he thought. “So, Calise, care to explain your association with a pirate?”

“I was stranded in Tortuga. He offered to give me a lift to Port Royal. The price was right, so I agreed. The rest is history,” she said. Please take the excuse, she thought. She watched as the commodore walked around the room. Then he said, “I don’t see a good reason to keep you in prison. But you are not to leave the fort for a month. You will remain in the custody of Lieutenant Groves.” Calise just stared. A month, she thought. And no contact with Jack most likely. She nodded. Norrington called for the lieutenant and Groves led her out of the room. They walked until Groves stopped on the battlements. He grabbed Calise’s hand and moved her onto the platform. “Be careful. There are rocks below,” he said. They both remained quiet as they watched the sunset. “It’s beautiful,” she breathed. It was true. The setting sun gave off this lovely orange tint to the water. Groves just watched her. The light just made her look even more beautiful. They stood there in silence until the sun finally set. He then led her around the fort until they walked onto the streets of Port Royal. “So,” he said, “would you mind telling me your last name?”

“I rather not. People are safer that way,” she replied. “Believe me, you do not want to know.” Before Groves could say anything else, they heard the sound of cannon fire. “I know those guns,” said Calise, fear starting to grip her.

“Who?” asked Groves.

“The Black Pearl.”

“That’s just a sailor’s story,” said Groves.

“You better start believing in those stories, Lieutenant. They’re about to come to life,” she said numbly. Her father was here, and that terrified her to no end. Sure, she had pirate blood and been raised by a pirate, but it was not a life she wanted. She just wanted to feel safe for the first time in her life. Groves gave her a look; then he grabbed her and started to drag her toward the fort. “No, I can get them to leave,” she cried.

“What are you talking about?” he asked.

“I was lying about something in my past. My father is a pirate. He’s the captain of that ship. I have been running from him for years. Give me a chance. I can convince him to leave,” she confessed. Groves watched as Calise’s eyes pleaded with him. He let go of her arm. “I lost you in the mayhem. Just be careful,” he said. She smiled and, to Groves’s surprise, gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“You too,” she said before running into the chaos.

Reaching the lower part of the port in record time, Calise looked around. Her father’s crew was running around, killing everyone that got in their way. She quickly grabbed a gun and sword from one of the fallen soldiers and went to work. She needed to get their attention. Then she saw Bo’sun. “Hey, boys, why don’t you pick on someone who would like to fight back?” she called. They turned around and stared in shock. “Hello, boys. How’s my dad?” she asked in a silky voice.

“It’s the captain’s daughter! Get her!” yelled Bo’sun. She smiled and ran off, with a few of the chasing after her. She ran until she got into a good spot and then jumped into the water. I have to get to the ship, she thought as she swam underwater. Thanks to Jack, she was an excellent swimmer and managed to get to the Pearl as the crew got back onboard. As the last pirate got aboard, Calise silently climbed up the ladder and stopped low enough as to not be seen. Her father seemed to be in the middle of a conversation with someone, a female from the sound of it. “Very well. I’ll drop it,” the woman said, dangling a necklace that Calise recognized as a piece of Aztec gold. The woman saw her briefly and Calise motioned for her to stay quiet.

“Me holds are burstin’ with swag. That bit of shine matters to us? Why?” Barbossa asked.

The woman, whom Calise now remembered as Elizabeth Swann, said, “It's what you've been searching for. I recognized the ship. I saw it eight years ago on the crossing from England.”

“Did ya, now?”

“Fine. Well, I’ll just give it to somebody else. If it is worthless then there’s no point in me keeping it,” said Elizabeth.

“Ah, do tell. Whom are ye goin’ to give that too?” he asked.

“A ghost from your past,” Calise said as she jumped up and grabbed the medallion from the girl’s hand and dove back into the water. She proceeded to swim under the ship to the other side and climbed up the side. She stood on the railing and watched in amusement as the crew looked over the other side. “I must say. I knew that the crew was brainless. But my own father? Help me know,” she said as they turned around. She locked eyes with her father as he walked towards her. “Calise?” he said. Before he could move closer, she pulled out her gun and trained it on him. He stopped. “Now, my dear, that’s no way to greet your father,” he said.

“Considering that the man before me is only the shell of what remains of him, I surely don’t know you, mate,” she said.

Barbossa ignored that remark. “The spitting image of my Helen. You have certainly grown.”

“Thanks to an old friend of yours after you murdered Uncle Jacob,” she said.

“What friend?”

“Why, Captain Jack Sparrow, of course,” she said with a smile as she watched his eyes grow wide.

“How the blazes did he get off that island?” he demanded.

“Never asked him. Now down to business,” she said as she lowered the pistol and stepped onto the deck. She stood in front of her father. “You let Miss Swann go and leave and never come back,” she said as she elegantly walked passed him and stood next to Elizabeth. Elizabeth looked at her in surprise. “You know who I am?” she asked.

“I saw you this afternoon on the docks next to the governor. I took a guess,” Calise replied. She looked back at her father. “Well?”

“And what do I get?” Barbossa asked.

Calise smiled. “The medallion, of course. And me,” she added. Barbossa’s eyes narrowed. “What?” he asked.

“You heard me, ya old fool. I freely turn meself over to you,” she said. He thought for a moment. “Do we have an accord?” his child asked. Looks like her mother, but definitely me in spirit, he thought.

“We have an accord. Unfortunately, Miss Swann is going to stay.”

“What?!” exclaimed Elizabeth. Before anything else could happen, Calise said “Swim” and pushed Elizabeth overboard. Rough hands grabbed her shoulders as Barbossa turned her around roughly. “That was a mistake, girl. Welcome aboard the Black Pearl, daughter. And welcome home.” Calise just stared defiantly into his eyes as a couple of the crew dragged her away.