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20 July 2010 @ 09:43 pm
Different Universe, Different Lives  
The stories take place in Pete's World, the parallel universe made famous in the TV show Doctor Who.  In my little world, this actually has several different sub-universes containing several fandoms.  There is:

Sharing the Burden:  this involves the Criminal Minds and CSI: NY fandoms
The Schoolteacher and the Detective:  this involves the CSI: NY fandom
A New Path:  this involves the Doctor Who fandom 

These universes tend to cross, especially when the latter two contain cousins - Stephanie Ryan (CSI: NY) and Elizabeth "Ella" Stark (Doctor Who). 

Some of the stories will also contain crossovers with Iron Man, James Bond (Daniel Craig-era), Highlander, and sometimes with CSI: Miami and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.  I may add more crossovers as I feel like it.

Here are the abbreviations for the sub-universes when dealing with the timeline:

SB - Sharing the Burden
S&D - The Schoolteacher and the Detective
NP - A New Path

The stories in chronological order:

A New Path (NP):  Two days after being left in the parallel universe, the human Doctor contemplates his newest situation, with some questions from Jackie.
Sharing the Burden (SB):   Two brothers meet up in a cemetery and reminisce about lost love.
Why Mac Should Never Have a Day Off (S&D): Mac Taylor has to go to the doctor’s office due to cold. While there, he meets a woman and aids in an evacuation.  This is a two-chapter story.
Noonday Conversations (SB):  Hotch got coerced into spending some time with his brother in New York. But Don has to finish a case. Can they at least have lunch?
But After Tonight: (S&D)  Mac goes on his first date in years. He is nervous about it. Will it turn out alright?
Humanity and a Job (NP):  The Human Doctor is still trying to understand what it means to be human. Rose is not helping much. Though Pete makes an interesting offer. 
The Start of Something New (NP):  John (Human Doctor) is starting his new job at Torchwood,  How will Rose react?  And who in the world is his new assistant?  In three parts - links to the next part is at the end of each chapter,
Swim Day (SB):  Don is visiting his nephew when Aaron gets called out on a case. What does uncle and nephew do on a hot summer day? 
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