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17 August 2010 @ 08:49 pm
First Encounters - The Lord of the Rings  

Title: First Encounters
Author: jedimasterstar 
Claim: Aranna (OC)

Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
Rating: FRT
Character(s): Aranna (OC), Arwen, Glorfindel, Elrond
Prompt:  First for sci_fi_prompts
Disclaimer:   I do not own The Lord of the Rings. Tolkien does.
Summary: Twins Aranna and Arwen have their first encounter with the Orcs. Trouble ensues.
Author’s notes: This is the first time that I have written for this fandom, so be nice.

“Arwen, let us go!” cried young Aranna as she waited for her twin to catch up with her. 
“Be patient, Aranna! You are faster than me!” complained Arwen.   Aranna just shook her head. Unlike her two older brothers, Elladan and Elrohir, who were identical twins, Aranna and Arwen were fraternal twins. They looked nothing alike, though they both have dark hair and gray eyes. But their personalities were similar, though their aspirations were different. “Why do you have to run so fast?” asked Arwen as she stood next to her sister.
“Because I wanted to wanted to see them when they leave. We are too short to see over everyone; so this way we can see them off without have to peer over anyone,” replied her older twin. A group of Elves were departing from Rivendell today to the Gray Havens. From there, they would board a ship to Valinor and there live in peace.
“You know that ada does not like it when we cross the Bruinen,” Arwen pointed out. Their adar, Elrond of Rivendell, was protective of his daughters. Arwen tended to listen to him while Aranna tended to push the limits whenever she could. And with nana and their brothers away, he was watching extra closely.
Aranna sighed and said, “We are not far from the river. We’ll be back over Bruinen before ada even knows we are gone.” Suddenly, they heard a noise and ducked behind a bush. Slowly peering out, the girls saw that the procession was making their way down the road, singing songs of Valinor as they went.
So engross were they in their watching that they failed to notice the Elf sneaking up behind them. “And what are you two doing?” came the voice.
Startled, they jumped up and turned. Standing before was Glorfindel, their ada’s chief marchwarden. “Um…” was all Aranna could get out.
“It was Aranna’s idea!” cried Arwen. Aranna sighed – Arwen did not like getting caught; and when she did, she always confessed.
“I just wanted to see them off,” said Aranna, looking up at Glorfindel, trying to look as innocent as possible.
The marchwarden just shook his head. “You both know that you are not supposed to cross the river,” he told them as they watched the procession. “There are still Orcs wandering about, as well as Goblins.”
The twins nodded and watched. Suddenly, a cry went out and Orcs began to appear from the behind the treeline. “Girls, into the trees! Now!” cried Glorfindel. The two immediately did as they were told and climbed into separate trees. Once he saw that his command had been obeyed, Glorfindel blew a horn. Immediately, the Orcs stood still for a moment before attacking the procession. In response, the Elves in the procession drew swords. Aranna and Arwen watched as the Elves skillfully defended themselves against the creatures.
Glorfindel soon returned with more Elves; and soon, the Orcs were defeated and scattered. “Our first Orc attack,” said Arwen. She then began to climb down the tree to join the others. 
“Arwen, wait! It may still be too dangerous,” warned Aranna. But her warning came too late – an Orc appeared out of nowhere and lunged at Arwen. She screamed and tried to climb back up the tree, but the creature grabbed her. 
Aranna responded by jumping on top of the Orc, causing it to drop her sister. It then grabbed Aranna and tossed her against a tree. She hit it hard and fell to the ground. She then screamed in pained as something sharp hit her shoulder. Before darkness took her, she barely heard her sister yell, “Aranna!” Then all went black.

Her first memory of consciousness was that of pain. “Easy, iell nîn,” came the comforting voice of her ada. Aranna opened her eyes to see his concerned face. “How are you feeling, tithen pen?” he asked.
“It hurts, ada,” she responded as she tried to move.
Elrond held her still. “Do not move, penneth. You are going to be in pain for a couple of days. You were stabbed in the leg and you have a couple broken ribs from being thrown against the tree,” he said gently as he held her down. “Though I should be upset with you for disobeying me, I’m just happy that you are alright,” he said as he stroked her forehead.
“What happened?” she asked. Then it came to her. “Arwen! Is she alright?” she asked anxiously.
“Calm down,” assured Elrond, “she is alright. Thanks to what you foolishly did.” He then gave her a small smile. “Though I would not have expected anything less from you,” he told her. “But you are going to be punished for putting yourself and Arwen in that situation.”
“Yes, ada,” replied Aranna dejectedly. 
Elrond just smiled – his eldest daughter tended to take her punishments well. Before he could say anything, the door opened slowly and a golden haired head popped in. “How is our little bird?” Glorfindel asked softly.
“Why do you not come in and see for yourself?” countered Elrond.
Glorfindel smiled and entered the room. His smile only widened when he saw that the little Elfling was awake. “Greeting, aew, how are you feeling?” he asked as he looked down at her.
Aranna smiled weakly and answered, “It hurts a little.”
“I imagine so. You scared me to death when you jumped that Orc,” he said.
She frowned and looked away. “I’m sorry,” she said, “I just did not want to see Arwen get hurt.”
“You are just lucky I got there in time,” said Glorfindel as he placed a hand against her cheek. “You had your first encounter with an Orc, tithen pen. I know that it will not be the last time; but just be more careful in the future,” he added as he got up and left.
“Glorfindel is right, penneth. You will need to be more careful later on. You will have many firsts in your life; just do not try to get hurt when you encounter them,” said Elrond as he also got up. “Go back to sleep, iell. You can see Arwen in the morning.” And with that, he got up and left. Aranna then snuggled up underneath the covers and fell back asleep.

Ada/adar: “daddy/father”
Nana – “mummy”
iell nîn – “my daughter”
tithen pen – “little one”
penneth – child (if I remember)
aew – “small” bird

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Malice Haughton/SilverWolf7malicehaughton on August 18th, 2010 09:07 am (UTC)
You have Ada/Adar, but only Nana? What about Naneth? :P

Haven't read the story because of the word 'twin' and Arwen. Not for me. Really, really not for me.

Also, because I read that far at least...nicknames and Tolkein's Elves don't go together. Their names have meaning, and to shorten their name takes that away.

Question: Are you writing this after reading fanfiction? With Arwen calling Aranna Ara, I'm amazed they're both not calling Elladan and Elrohir Dan and Ro(h), which is so popular in fanfiction. And, yes, annoys the heck out of me.

Man, this reminds me of my LotR stories that were left unfinished. I mainly wrote one-shots with either the Elves of Rivendell, or the Hobbits. Sometimes both.

My OC Elf was called Luinwen. She didn't have much to do. Just an added extra of Rivendell helping Elrond.
jedimasterstarjedimasterstar on August 18th, 2010 04:16 pm (UTC)
Man, girl! You gave me a lot to think about. But here are some answers (going by paragraphs).

1. Since I didn't use the word Naneth in the story (it means "mother") that I left it out of the translations. I'll be using it in later stories, so I will be adding it in to the translations.

2. Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't think about that to tell you the truth. I'll be going back and changing that after this.

3. Answer: Some, not much LOTR fanfiction. I've tended to stay away because I don't want to cloud my views. And mostly it's been the kind that adds a person to the Fellowship. But I think I have read one or two little Aragorn stories with those nicknames in it. Maybe that what I was remembering.

4. I will now need to find your LOTR stories. They should be interesting to read.

Like I said, I will go edit the stories and take out the nicknames. Thanks for letting me know.

And there will be more stories later on, so keep a look out! That is, if you are somewhat interested. Up to you!

EDIT: I fixed the nickname problem! It does sound better now.

Edited at 2010-08-18 04:20 pm (UTC)
Malice Haughton/SilverWolf7malicehaughton on August 19th, 2010 10:51 am (UTC)
I jsut thought it odd that Celebrian is still around :P You get so used to her not being there, because by the time LotR starts, she has sailed West. And I know it means mother, lol.

A lot of peopel don't think about it, and it tends to ruin somethign that might otehrwise be good, by having nicknames that aren't meant to be there, be there.

Little Aragorn stories? D'awww, I've read quite a few involving Estel. I prefer the Elves or Hobbits in fic, rather than the Men.

You want a place to start? Read my Silmarillion fic 'Sorrow into Wisdom'. It's based on a tiny part in someone else's fic, in which she had Glorfindel talking to Erestor about grief and dying :P

My story is about Glorfindel just after he died fighting the Balrog, meeting Nienna. It's one of the most favourtiest fics of mine I have written. Oh, that and the one involving Frodo and Elrond post-war, which I have conveniently forgotten the title of...

I'll go grab the links to those two if you are interested.
jedimasterstarjedimasterstar on August 19th, 2010 11:08 pm (UTC)
I figured you did. I guess that in later fics I am going to be exploring Celebrian a bit more since we don't know much about her.

I have found quite a few Estel fics that I like. And I love the ones with Elves (though they have to be very good).

Go ahead and send me the links (or tell me where to look). They sound interesting and I know that you would have written them well.

Wanting to run something by you and I'll send you a message (don't want to say it here).
Malice Haughton/SilverWolf7malicehaughton on August 19th, 2010 11:24 pm (UTC)
Sorrow into Wisdom

Definitely one of my favourites written by my own hand :)

And The Right Things

In which Elrond helps Frodo to move forward with his life after the War, by giving him advice from recent events in his own life. Elrond is hard to write.

And also, because I'm rather proud of it really... Hobbit Tales

In which Sam, Merry and Pippin get to tell a tale of what they did through the War. And people don't believe, because it is considered too big for a Hobbit to do. For some odd reason, the breaks in the story were taken out...hmm, I know I put them in there.