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17 August 2011 @ 10:38 pm
A Post with All My Stories  
Taking a cue from strangevisitor7, I have decided to gather all my stories into one place. I will update whenever I have posted a story. Also, all my writings now will be posted on my writing community writing_square. I'll try to keep this entry up to date as much as possible. Series: Different Universe, Different Lives: my current series.  Doctor Who/CSI: NY/Criminal Minds mostly with some incursions in the future with Highlander, Iron Man (movies), and others as I see fit.  The Human Doctor is in Pete's World only to discover that that world is more bigger than he thought.  He is not in all of the fics, but these fics are in the same universe. A Different Kind of RegenerationDoctor Who.  This is a dead series at the moment, though links to those stories are on this page.  The Ninth Doctor regenerates into a woman.  How does that play out with the episodes? A New Life: Doctor Who. Another dead series, but links to the stories are on this page.  Mara Everson is a resident of Pete's World.  When she meets a man called the Doctor who claims to be from another universe, everything changes for her. Other Stories: First EncountersThe Lord of the Rings.  Twins Aranna and Arwen have their first encounter with Orcs.  Trouble ensues.  This will become a series. Daughter of the Sun:  Original Fiction.  This is going to be a multi-chapter story.  Haidee is the daughter of the sun god Apollo.  When she is captured by the Ithacan Greeks during a raid, what will happen to her? Moonlit SerenadeDoctor Who.  The Master attends a costume ball and decides to have a bit of "fun" with one of the guests. Running from the Past:  Pirates of the Caribbean.  It's is not all posted on here, but it is over at Fanfiction.net.  Calise Barbossa is the daughter of one of the most notorious pirates in the Caribbean.  What happens when they meet again.  A sequal is also started over at Fanfiction.net, but it is not finished. When a Twin Becomes a Nuisance: Doctor Who.  Rose has a twin that does not like her.  This is basically a one-shot.
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