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20 August 2010 @ 11:52 am
Description Meme  
If you want to play, reply with "comment" (or something equally witty) and I'll give you five words that I think describe you. Mine were supplied by dragonsinger.

Doctor Who - My current sci-fi love.  For those who don't know, this is a British sci-fi show about a time-traveling alien from Gallifrey known as the Doctor who travels in a machine known as the TARDIS.  He fights to correct wrongs as well as protecting the timeline.  He tends to come to Earth for many of his adventures, and thus has many human companions.  His current incarnation is played by Matt Smith.

Jedi - if someone does not know who a Jedi is, they have been living under a rock.  The Jedi Order is part of the Star Wars mythos as the users of the light side of the Force as well as the guardians and protectors of the Republic.  They have almost been driven into extinction several times, but always manage to re-emerge and defeat the evil that was trying to destroy them.  Now, that is what I call dedication.

Writing - well, this is something I can't stop doing.  I'm always thinking of new things to write, especially fanfiction.  I write fiction a lot and some essays.  This tends to help me a lot since I am studying to be a journalist, so writing is going to be what I do alot.  This just helps me learn!

Tigers - my favorite animal.  I think that they are gorgeous creatures (especially the Siberian white).  I just wish that they would stop being hunted to extinction and protected more than they are now.  There is no need to kill these beautiful creatures.  Also, I was born in the year of the Tiger, so that may have something to do with it.

Genderbending - my personal way of messing up canon and making most fans angry.  I love to read them and find that it is fun to find what can be different if one character was born the opposite sex.  I have attempted to write it, but I have a lot to work to do.
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