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19 September 2009 @ 12:47 pm
Chapter 4 - Rescue and Explanations  
Title: Running from the Past
Chapter: Rescue and Revelations
Disclaimer: Plot belongs to Disney, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Gore Verbinski


Chapter 4

Calise stayed huddled in her corner with her head in her arms when she heard the door open. She stayed where she was as she listened to the footsteps cross to the other side of the room. She lifted her head a little to see her father standing next to the bed, looking at something, a look of sadness crossing his face. She turned her head back down, just wanting to sleep and hope that when she wakes up this was all just a dream. “I always wondered what was going on in your life when you disappeared,” she heard Barbossa say.

“Maybe it was a good thing,” she replied. She lifted her head up and wrapped her arms around her legs.

“What do ye mean?” he asked. He turned to face his child and saw naught the beautiful, strong woman that confronted him; but a scared little girl. Calise looked at him with tear-filled eyes. “You frightened me when I was a child. I thought that you were going to kill me. But then, as I was growing up, I began to understand what you may have been going through. Uncle Jacob and even Jack helped understand a little more, she said. She slowly got up and went to him. “I just can’t seem to understand why you would hold on to your hate for so long.”

Barbossa looked at her. “I loved your mother. She was my heart and soul. And then she was taken away from me. I thought I was going to lose you too. After you left, I began to realize what your uncle meant. All I could think about after that was just getting you back. You came back in a way I never expected. You are definitely your mother,” he said.

“Funny, Uncle Jacob and Jack said that I was you,” she said with a small smile. Then she yawned. "Get some sleep, daughter. We have a busy day tomorrow,” her father said. With that being said, he left the room. Calise laid down on the bed and went to sleep.

Calise woke up the next morning to many loud noises. Straightening her dress, she opened the door a little to see the crew running about. We made dock, she thought. Suddenly, the door left her hand and swung opened. Barbossa smiled and said, “Good morning and welcome to Isla de Muerta.”

“The Island of the Dead?” she said in disbelief, walking out and looking at the island. It definitely was a dead place – there was nothing even remotely alive. “Why are we here? Of course you have the final piece but you do not have the blood,” she said.

“Ah, we will put the piece with the others and then proceed to find the child. With your cooperation,” he added. Calise glared at him. “Then you better continue to enjoy your undead state, because I’m not helping, she stated. Barbossa grabbed her arm and roughly pulled her towards him. “It is not an option, Calise. It’s an order.”

“Then considered it disobeyed,” came the venomous reply. After putting the medallion necklace around her neck, Barbossa proceeded to drag Calise to the waiting boat and they rowed to shore. As they entered the cave, it looked pretty normal. When they docked and went farther in, she looked in wonder at all the treasure she was seeing. No wonder Jack wanted to find this. Well, at least he didn’t get cursed, she thought. Looking ahead, she saw the stone chest that contained the cursed Aztec gold. Barbossa dragged her with him up to the chest and turned her around. “See the gold? This is what cursed us. And now, thanks to you, we have the final piece.”

“But no blood,” she countered.

“Why can’t we just make her tell us where the Turner child is?” asked Pintel.

“No, that would be too easy. This requires skill,” said her father.

“Then you might as well kill me. Even though you’re my father, I would rather die than to give the child up,” she said. The next thing she knew, her father hit her across the face and she tumbles down, the medallion still around her neck. She could hear them still arguing; and as she raised her head, she was shock to see Will Turner slowly swimming towards her. Motioning her to be quiet, he proceeded to signal her to follow him into the water. As they were swimming off, she heard her father yell, “The medallion! She's taken it! Get after her, you feckless pack of ingrates!” Swimming faster, they both managed to get rid of the oars and commandeered a boat.

Once they were out of the cave, Calise turned to Will, “What are you doing here? They are going to kill you!”

“Blame Elizabeth. You rescued her and she felt that it was the least she could do for you,” he explained. Then he added, “She’s stubborn when she has set her mind to something.”

Calise laughed. “Then she is a rogue. I guessed as much when I watched her stand up against Barbossa,” she said. She looked back at Will. “Tell me something. Was your father a man that also went by the name of William Turner?” she asked. Will nodded, confused on how she could have known that. “I thought as much. I meet him a couple years before he died. I swear you look just like him,” she stated.

“That’s what Jack said,” replied Will.

“You told Jack your full name? Then we’re in trouble,” she said, worry filling her mind.


“More than anything else in the world, Jack wants the Pearl back. He’ll do anything for it. I refused to tell my father my guess about you; but Jack will not. They will be coming after us,” Calise said, looking ahead to see a ship.

“Damn,” said Will. He grabbed the ladder that was thrown down the side and proceeded to climbed up it. When she reached the deck, all around her was a group of pirates. “Great, more pirates,” she said sarcastically.

“Welcome aboard, Miss Calise,” said one man. Calise recognized him instantly. “Mr. Gibbs?” she said, hugging the man.

Gibbs looked at Will. “Hey, boy, where be Jack?” he asked.

“He fell behind,” he answered as he led Calise below deck. Soon they were off.

Isla de Muerta

Damn the boy, thought Jack as he watched Barbossa approach him. “How the blazes did you get off that island?” he asked. “Calise said she didn’t ask.”

Because she wanted not to, Jack thought. “When you marooned me on that godforsaken spit of land, you forgot one very important thing, mate. I'm Captain Jack Sparrow,” he replied.

“Ah, well, I won't be making that mistake again. Gents, you all remember Captain Jack Sparrow? Kill him,” said Barbossa. The pirates smiled and pointed their guns at Jack.

“I guess Calise didn’t tell you who and where the child was?” asked Jack, knowing that his adopted child was too honorable to do that.

Barbossa stopped and ordered his men to hold their fire. He walked back to Jack and looked him in the eye. “You know whose blood we need?” he asked, but really it wasn’t a question.

Jack smiled. “I know whose blood ye need.”

The Interceptor

“Why would your father be after me?” Will asked Calise.

“Because of your father,” she answered. “Jack never said what happened to Bootstrap, did he?”

“No,” Will replied. Calise proceed with an explanation. “Well, I’ll tell you one of the stories. According to one story, Bootstrap didn’t approve on what they did to Jack. So, my father proceeded to tie him to a cannon and blew him overboard. It wasn’t until after that Barbossa realized that they need your father’s blood to help raise the curse. So they are going for the next best thing.”

“Me,” he whispered. Calise pulled out the medallion and handed it to Will. “I think this belongs to you,” she said.

“Where did you get this?” he asked, taking it from her.

“Ask your bonny lass. I got it from her,” Calise replied.

“Elizabeth?” he said in wonder. He looked at the gold. “Why did she take it?”

“Most likely to save you from an early death,” she replied. “Now it’s my turn for a story. Why did you come after me?” she asked.

“Like I said before, it was Elizabeth’s idea. After you rescued her, she proceeded to convince her father and Norrington to come after you, using the excuse that you saved her life and that you were afraid to leave with Barbossa. Of course, Norrington refused to hear any of it, saying that it was your own fault. So Elizabeth came and begged me to help you. At first, I didn’t want too. No offense to you, I have nothing against you. I just didn’t want to get killed. But When Elizabeth wants something, she is very persistent. So after an hour of listening to her talk, I agreed. We pulled Jack into it because he knew more of the Black Pearl than we did. I still don’t understand why he agreed to help us, though,” said Will.

“Because, as he told me once, I am like the daughter he never had. And that he saw the chance to regain his ship when you introduced yourself. As for you, I think you know the real reason why you came,” Calise replied with a knowing smile. She smiled even wider when she saw Will blush.

“You may be right. But anyway, we sprung Jack out of jail. Elizabeth stayed behind to stall Norrington while Jack and I came after you. So far, everything has been going well,” Will finished.

“Except my father will be coming after us. And I also expect to see Norrington soon. He may be fine with me getting away, but not Jack. He will be coming after the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow,” Calise said. She looked at Will. “They will be coming for you,” she added. Will bowed his end. “They need blood, but not any blood. My father's blood...my blood...the blood of a pirate,” he said, slamming the medallion down on the table. He then got up and went up deck. Calise sat there, lost in her own thought.