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18 August 2010 @ 03:42 pm
On the LJ issue  

I just want to let the people on my friends list know that I am going to go quiet.  Well, a little bit.

Due to this issue about cross-posting to outside sites, I think that I am going to stop posting personal stuff up here for a while.  My stories I will keep doing and I will see to my writing exchange obligations to different communities.

If you do not approve of LJ's new feature allowing you to crosspost comments on your locked posts to Facebook and Twitter, go here and let the LJ staff know!

But you probably won't hear from me that much.

If you are interested in my stories, join my writing communitiy writing_square to keep up with them.

Though I won't turn into a dead account.  I will post once every two weeks on my personal journal to say hi and see how everyone is doing. 

I am thinking about joing Dreamwidth.  Some of you have it and it looks interesting.  And they have protocals on cross-posting to different sites.

When I find a journal community I like that has good privacy security, I will let you all on my friends list know!

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