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09 September 2010 @ 03:53 pm
LJ, Facebook, and Twitter  
So, what is this LJ/Facebook/Twitter mess all about?  Someone drafted this simple FAQ easy for all to understand:

The basics:

1. Anyone who wants to can now crosspost their entries and their comments on YOUR entries, even friends-locked entries, even if you have comments screened, to Facebook and Twitter. It doesn't even have to be malicious; an accidental or careless click is all it takes.

You cannot stop them from doing this, and you WILL NOT EVEN KNOW they are doing it.

2. This also means that if you comment on a journal or community, that journal's owner OR any other community member could reply to you, post that reply to Twitbook, and reveal the comm's existence and your username to Facetwits everywhere. And again, you won't know and won't be able to prevent this.

3. Anyone with a FaceTwit account, regardless of whether they have an LJ account or not, can follow said links and, if the post is public, drop into the conversation. You can't prevent them barging into the conversation except by f-locking your posts; disabling anon comments won't work.

4. If you do choose to enable this connect feature, your REAL NAME from Facebook will automatically appear in your LJ profile. There is NO way to change this except to turn the feature off.


But if you don't link YOUR journal to Twitter or Facebook, no problem, right?

Wrong. Anyone who has them linked can out your presence on LJ on purpose or on accident. Whether YOU have YOUR account linked makes no difference.

Won't it be fine if LJ just takes away the option to repost comments on locked entries?

I don't think they will do that, but even if they did, NO. Not for those of us who don't want Facebook to know we have a journal at all. Just what we need -- our business contacts, bosses, casual acquaintances, stalker exes, whoever, all finding our journals where we write things they were never intended to see, in a journal we never told them about because we had good reason not to. "Oh, look, Mare has a profile. What's this [info]hw_reqs thing? *clicks* HOLY CRAP! What kind of pervert reads this?!!" You know -- not to mention that lots of us are members of abuse-survivor comms or other VERY personal groups.

Yeah. Just what we want.

Well, why not just take anyone you can't trust off your friends list? Problem solved!

1. I post art and I write fic. I don't want to f-lock everything. 2. I don't want to have to ditch my communities for fear that someone will crosspost their replies to me. 3. Do you know how Facebook works? Facebook sends bots into its users' personal email accounts, gets all the addresses it can find, matches them up and alerts people to each other's presence -- all without their knowledge or consent. I am convinced it's merely a matter of time before they do the same with Livejournal accounts, and literally send invitations to people on Facebook to "Come check out Livejournal! Your friend LJuser Fullname is already there as incognito_user12!"

In short, Facebook and LJ, not my friends, are the problem.

Well, why not stay until they address the issues instead of just leaving?

Even if they do mitigate some of the damage (and I don't think they will), that's like avoiding getting hit by the 5:10 train and therefore figuring it's okay to lie down and sleep on the tracks. LJ has a record of doing stupid things to its users and then alerting us after the fact. When the next train comes through, I'll be over there where it's safer.

Oh, and there's also the fact that, as this UK news video explains, SUP is turning LJ into a giant advertising platform.

This is only going to keep getting worse.

**IF you feel the need to spread this post, please copy  and paste into your own journals.  The Original Poster does NOT want credit. Just make sure you don't claim it as your own :D

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cpufemcpufem on September 10th, 2010 02:49 am (UTC)
thanks for posting this. i think i have a better understanding of this issue and will c/p this to my lj.