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02 March 2011 @ 11:59 pm
30 Days of Nu-Who - Part 1  
I found this meme when I was following caz963's one.  So it is safe to say that I got this off of her.   I just found the meme to be amusing and decided to do it.

I am also doing this in parts instead of days because of my busy schedule.  But I will update this.

Day 1 - Favourite Incarnation of the Doctor

Well, it is rather obvious for me to say this, considering that I have said it multiple times.  He was my first Doctor and will always be my favorite.

But what I like the most about the Ninth Doctor is that mystery, that elusiveness.  He seemed so real.  The pain and anguish made him seem to be so...human.  Though he wasn't; but he was going through something that many of us could never relate to.  And that made me want to just hug him.  He also kept to himself alot, not wanting anyone to get too close, though his friendship with Rose did help him a bit.  But I think it was that mystery that made a bit more endearing to me.

He also was so alien.  And that was cool.  He didn't want to connect to humanity at times (which is probably why I am loving Eleven), but he never gives up hope that they will do better.  I can relate to that at times. 

Day 2 - Favourite Companion
Day 3 - Favourite Villain/Monster/Alien/Baddie of the Week
Day 4 - Favourite Character
Day 5 - Favourite Guest Star
Day 6 - Least Favourite Character
Day 7 - Favourite Episode
Day 8 - Favourite Series/Season
Day 9 - Least Favourite Episode
Day 10 - Favourite Scene/Moment
Day 11 - Scene/Moment that makes you cry
Day 12 - Scene/Moment that makes you giggle
Day 13 - Favourite Era visited by The Doctor & Co.
Day 14 - Fave Doctor Moment
Day 15 - Fave Rose Moment
Day 16 - Fave Martha Moment
Day 17 - Fave Donna Moment
Day 18 - Fave Amy Moment
Day 19 - Favorite Ship
Day 20 - Prettiest Scene
Day 21 - Favourite Location
Day 22 - Something Silly
Day 23 - Something Epic
Day 24 - Favourite Accessory of the Doctor's
Day 25 - Favourite Tardis Team
Day 26 - Scene/Moment that made you go 'awww'
Day 27 - Scene/Moment that made you go 'argh'
Day 28 - Favourite Series Arc
Day 29 - Favourite Music/Song
Day 30 - Why Do YOU Love Doctor Who
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jedimasterstarjedimasterstar on March 10th, 2011 03:30 am (UTC)
There is not enough Nine love in the world. And Eleven is awesome too!

Hm, I don't have cookies, so how about an agreement? :)
kilodaltonkilodalton on March 9th, 2011 03:46 pm (UTC)
I totally see what you mean (although Ten is my favorite .. when I'm not hating him for being a putz lol).

Nine's acute suffering from the effects of the Time War certainly are "alien" but his grief really does "feel" human =)
jedimasterstarjedimasterstar on March 10th, 2011 03:31 am (UTC)
Ten is cool too. I just never really got into him as I did with Nine. No idea why.