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17 May 2011 @ 04:15 pm
Going to see Thor  

The movie.  Ever since it came out, I have been wanting to go see it.  The previews look awesome, and some people on my LJ friends list have given it rave reviews.  So, since I finally have day off, I'm going to go see it.  It's a 7pm showing, but it will be worth it.

In other news, I got my final grades back - 1 A and 4 B's with a GPA of 3.42.  That's pretty good - though my GPA went down 0.10 from last semester.  Oh, well.

Mom went back to work this week.  She's still getting back into the swing of things and get her energy back to do it.  But she's doing well.

Also, I made a decision to try to change my diet and get back into my yoga and walk more.  I'm doing this to try and change my lifestyle as well as being there for Mom since she is a borderline diabetic (dad's full-blown diabetic).  She had to change a lot, so I am going to try and do it along with her.  Besides, if I ever develop diabetes, I have a head start.

As fic news, I'm still going through my Tron obsession.  It's driving me nuts.  I got ideas coming out from everywhere.  Right now, I'm trying to consolidate them into something I can write.  I may have something in the next few days, so keep a look out.

And YAY!  CBS renewed CSI: NY for an eighth season.  I was so scared after watching the season finale this past Friday that that would be it.  I'm so happy it's coming back!

That's about it for now.  I'll let you all know what I think of the movie!

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