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23 May 2011 @ 06:58 pm
I'm going out of my mind!  

I think that planning this fic (or fics) is going to drive me nuts.  I'm bouncing around so many different ideas that it's starting to become complicated.

I think I may need to watch Thor again before I begin that fic.  That way I can get everyone pretty much down before I attempt anything.  I think it may be a little safer that way.

But still, I need to write.  I need the distraction.  I'm thinking about doing a Doctor Who fic, but I need to figure out which Doctor I should write.  I'm thinking the Tenth Doctor because he is easy for me to write, but the Human Tenth Doctor would be a bit more fun.  I like to write him because he's an unknown and unknowns are fun to write, because you can create your own canon.

Well, it's back off to planning.

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