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13 October 2011 @ 10:25 am
Let the writing begin!  

I have taken the plunge (if some of you have not heard) and will be starting NaNoWriMo on November 1st.  I have to write 50,000 words in one month to win.  And no editing is allowed - which is good for me.  I will be attempting to write an NCIS fanfic that will lead into an NCIS: LA fic.  If you are on NaNo, they won't let you add writing buddies, but my username is "jedimasterstar" if you want to keep up.

I am also going to be participating in smallfandombang. This word count is going to be a bit lower (10,000 words and up), so it won't be so bad.  This is going to be an NCIS: LA fic. I'm going to be looking around for a beta (already posted an "ad" on the help site but I'll be browsing around).  If anyone wants to cheer me on, let me know!

And I want to send out thanks to failegaidinand citymusingsfor their words of encouragement on my last post. I really needed them.

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Dragonsinger: Bonnie smile - sallygreydragonsinger on October 13th, 2011 05:22 pm (UTC)
Yay!!! We can NaNo together. I haven't settled on a story yet, but I figured, why not?
jedimasterstar: Loki planningjedimasterstar on October 13th, 2011 05:33 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a plan to me!
Clocitymusings on October 15th, 2011 12:28 am (UTC)
Wow. You're brave, crazy lady!

Have fun with the writing!