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26 April 2011 @ 09:10 am
"Ripples Through Time" Series  
These stories are mostly going to be from the viewpoint of Keira Layton, my OFC, though some stories will be from the viewpoints of others.  They are mostly going to be based in The Avengers movieverse, but will cross over to other fandoms, including Doctor Who.  Time travel is a constant theme, since Keira has the mutant ability of chronokinesis - an ability which allows her not only to stop time but travel through it. 

And for those who want to know how to visualize Keira, picture actress Noomi Rapace (see icon).

Here is the series in chronological order (so far):

"What We Fight For" - a Captain America: The First Avenger/Doctor Who crossover.  Keira gets dragged by the Doctor to London during WWII.  While there, she meets someone she did not expect.

"What You Don't Know" - an Avengers story.  Keira just wished people would act responsibly and not play with things that could destroy the universe.  Features Nick Fury.  This is the story that got me started.

"Grief Loves Company" - a Captain America: The First Avenger story.  After the Army calls off the search for Steve, Howard becomes guilty.  An old lady friend tries to bring comfort.

"Coffee Chat" - a Captain America: The First Avenger/Iron Man crossover.  Tony and Steve have a chat in the library.
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