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17 September
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Welcome to In the Forest of the Night! Glad that you decided to come by and check it out. I have been on this site for over six years now, though I only update periodically right now. If you are looking for my fic, head over to writing_square.

What I Promise:
Before I even try to publish anything, I will finish the story first before uploading it to any of the fanfiction sites I am on. And then I will update due to however long the chapter is.

To say that I am a sci-fi/fantasy junkie is an understatement. I was raised on Star Trek and Star Wars before branching out to find out what else was out there.

The reason why I write is that it is an outlet for me. It allows me to express my feelings as well as allow my imagination to expand and take form. My life is very stressful and I suffer from depression; so writing gives me a conduit that allows me to let those feelings out. And it has done a world of good for me.

My current love is Doctor Who. I love history and being able to go back and visit events is something extraordinary to me. It let me escape from this life and imagine a world that helps me find myself. That I can make a difference.

And this is the reason why I write original characters. It allows me to write someone who can actually go through this experience. Yes, one may call it a self-insert. But isn't all canon characters self-inserts in the end? The key is to make them as independent as possible without completely binding them to you.

My other fandom-loves include: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tolkienverse, Supernatural, Star Wars, NCIS universe, </i>CSI: NY</i>, Sherlock, and Once Upon a Time.

From these fandoms, my favorite characters are: Ninth Doctor, Eighth Doctor, War Doctor, Romana, Donna Noble, Clara Oswald, Legolas, Elrond, Thranduil, Sam Winchester, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade Skywalker, Han Solo, Rey, Jethro Gibbs, G Callen, Dwayne Pride, Mac Taylor, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Greg Lestrade, Regina Mills, Rumpelstiltskin, and Hook.

When I write or read anything with romance, I tend to go for Doctor/OFC (Time Lady), Doctor/OFC (Vortex Being), Doctor/Romana, Jack Harkness/OFC, Jack Harkness/River Song, Robin/Regina, Rumpelstiltskin/OFC, Emma/August, Hook/OFC, Tony Stark/OFC, Clint/OFC, Steve/OFC, Loki/Sigyn, Obi-Wan/OFC, Han/Leia, Luke/Mara, Poe/Rey, Elrond/Celebrían, Legolas/OC, Celeborn/Galadriel, Sam W./OC, Castiel/OC, Gibbs/OC, Callen/OC, Pryde/OC, Sherlock/OC, and Mac/OC.


I have been seeing a lot of hate going around about Steven Moffat's era of Doctor Who. Though I do admit that I am not fond of RTD's era, I do not completely bash it. Yes, not everyone is going to like how a certain Doctor is going. But the Doctor is technically immortal, so the writing for the show is going to change as the Doctor changes. If you stopped watching it because you don't like how Moffat writes, then that is your right...though I will call you an idiot. Change is a good thing - some may not like it, but one cannot stop it.


Doctor Who Specifics

When it comes to the Doctor's incarnations, the order I favorite them in is: Nine, Eight, War, Eleven, Five, Four, Ten, Seven, One, Six, Three, and Two.

Of the companions, my favorites are: Romana, Donna Noble, Clara Oswald, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, Sarah Jane Smith, Jack Harkness, River Song, Liz Shaw, Martha Jones, Susan Foreman, Tegan, and Nyssa.

For romantic pairings, I prefer: Doctor/OFC (Time Lady), Doctor/OFC (Vortex Being), Doctor(any)/Romana (any), Jack/River, Jack/OFC, Ian/Barbara, Jack/Martha, and Amy/Rory.


Where you can find me: Besides writing_square, you can find me at Tumblr, WordPress, Archive of Our Own, Fanfiction.net, and Teaspoon and An Open Mind.

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